About Us

Founded in 1960 as a family business Elkay, today is the leading producer of glues, adhesives, chemical anchors, polyester car putties and stone surface care, floor treatment products.

In 1975, Elkay has produced Turkey’s first marble and natural stone with GRANIT brand. Keeping innovation at the heart of its corporate culture and standing upon R&D studies, Elkay has added up to 150 new and patented products to its range.

Providing high quality products and services to its customers for over 50 years of experience, Elkay maintains its leadership in Turkey while exporting its products worldwide.


Our journey began with 27 years old Eliya Marko Baruh who has been trading chemical raw materials with his partner under the name of ELKAY TRADING. At first the trade was limited to polyester and similar raw materials only.


Founded its plant in İstanbul, Kagithane.


Started the production of Turkey’s first marble and stone adhesive with the name of GRANIT in local market. Started producing waxes for natural stones.


Moved to its plant in Kemerburgaz, Istanbul.


Started to export its products.  First export has been made to USA and Singapore. Participated first international marble fair in Carrara, Italy.


Continued to its commercial life/career as Elkay Chemicals Co and Tr Inc.


Moved to its plant in Pelitli,Gebze.


Entered the Epoxy industry.


Started to produce Sealers and Protection chemicals with  MAXISEAL VH72 which is Turkey’s first nanotechnological naturalstone sealer. Export reached to 25 countries.


Entered the natural stone cleaning industry.


Celebrated its 50th year.


Entered the construction chemicals industry by producing chemical anchorage. Doubled the number of exporting countries and the export exceeded 50 countries.


Produced Turkey’s first quartz stone adhesive. Entered nanotechnology fabric protection industry. Dry-Forever products took place in the retail market. On April, an unfortunate disaster happened and its production facility burned out.


Moved to the new factory in Cayirova, Kocaeli and started a new production line and machinery investments. Ranked 6th in the category of adhesives and glues on IMMIB list. Exports exceeded 56 countries.  Entered the automotive chemicals industry.


Preparations to start production in India’s Gujarat factory.


Following the completion of extended R&D studies, the miracle product Eliogard is introduced to the market.


 Improved together with Belenco,  STY42 Quartz Stone Adhesive took its place in selected warehouses.

2018 - 2019

R&D studies were started on hybrid polymers and adhesives.

2020 - 2021

In the fight against COVID 19, Elkay tried to keep his employees and relatives away from the epidemic at the highest level possible. Raising awareness with regular training, sterilization of factory interiors and ventilation, 2% + cases, 0 deaths. * R&D studies on Epoxy Acrylate adhesives, which were initiated in 2019, continued.