Are you tired of worrying about stains and damage to your natural stone surfaces?Look no further! Elkay MAXISEAL is here to provide ultimate protection with its advanced water and oil repellent formula. Let us highlight the exceptional features of our product:

Preserves the Original Beauty: MAXISEAL is a solvent-based natural look sealer that maintains the original color and appearance of your stone surfaces. Say goodbye to dull and altered finishes!

Invisible Barrier: Our product creates an invisible barrier on the applied surface, allowing it to breathe while effectively repelling water and oil. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your surfaces are protected from common stains.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: With MAXISEAL, cleaning becomes a breeze. The sealer provides easy cleaning and facilitates daily maintenance, making it effortless to keep your surfaces looking pristine.

Long-Lasting Protection: We understand the importance of long-term protection. MAXISEAL offers durable and renewable protection, ensuring your surfaces stay safeguarded against stains for an extended period.

UV Resistance: Our sealer boasts high UV resistance, protecting your surfaces from color fading and yellowing caused by sun exposure. Your stone surfaces will maintain their vibrancy and allure for years to come.

Defense Against Moss, Mold, and Efflorescence: MAXISEAL goes beyond stain protection. It acts as a shield against the growth of moss, mold, and efflorescence, keeping your surfaces clean and hygienic.

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