ELKAY GRANIT TRANSPARENT marble and stone adhesive is a two component transparent polyester adhesive for marble, travertine, granite, ceramic, brick and other similar materials.

It is used for gluing, repairing and filling up porous surfaces.

Has rapid cure time (5-7 mins at 25°C). 

With its extra transparency, provides great harmony with the surface colour.

Provides excellent brightness after the grinding and polishing process.

It is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications.

No color change, cracking or shrinkage during hardening period.

APPEARANCEknıfe grade, gel, flowıng
avalıable colorhoney transparent, black transparent
applıcatıon areaındoor & outdoor
mıx ratıo2-3% BPO
gel tıme (25°C):5-7 mınutes
full cure tıme (25°C):30 mınutes
Grind the surface to be glued with hard grinding paper and remove any dust, moisture and oil from the surface. The surface to be treated must be clean and completely dry.

Take required amount of stone glue and mix it with hardener paste at 2-3% of volume. Close the cap of  unused part of the adhesive immediately. 

In 5-7 minutes it will be set. 

Natural Stone - Marble - Granit - Travertine - Ceramic - Brick - Smilar Materials 

250 gr x 24

800 gr x 12

4 kg x 4

18 kg

12 months


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