R&D Support

With our knowledge and experience that has grown and developed since 1960, we support the factories, workshops and manufacturers we cooperate with.

Customer satisfaction depends not only on the quality of the purchased material, but also on the quality of the application workmanship and production line, as well as the cleaning and maintenance of the stone in the preliminary preparation stage. ELKAY works with all its experience and expertise to ensure that our customers, who are interested in performance and quality, achieve a long-lasting and satisfactory final result. Due to the excellence of our solutions, the support we provide and the R&D service, we are proud of being the only company that has cooperated with Turkey’s leading natural stone factories for years.

It is a strategic goal for us to cooperate with manufacturers to improve the quality of surface materials and customer satisfaction. ELKAY provides a comprehensive R&D service to support natural stone factories and partner companies that produce surface materials.

ELKAY R&D CENTER brings together all the necessary solution, application and product development activities for the production and processing of natural stone, limestone, mosaic tile, quartz stone, ceramics and agglomerates at international standards.

  • 1- Consultancy services and technical evaluations for industrial production processes.
  • 2- Development of special ELKAY solutions and products for industrial production processes (developing special products, working on new formulas, working on special colors)
  • 3- Ensuring accreditation of ELKAY products in industrial production processes.
  • 4- Technical assistance services.
  • a- On-site observation of the project or production line and selection of ELKAY products
  • b- Preparation of technical analysis reports of selected products
  • c- Determination and transmission of technical specifications for specifications
  • d- Preparation of product user manuals
  • e- Submission of technical data sheets
  • f- Submission of material safety forms