Sales Support

ELKAY offers its customers display stands, roll-ups, catalogs and brochures to showcase and sell their products.

Sales Support

View all available tools for displaying and selling ELKAY products.

ELKAY offers its customers various and necessary tools to showcase and sell their products.

Promotion / Display Stands

Standing Product, countertop stands...

1- Point of Sale Materials

Roll-ups, totems and posters indicating products and application methods...

2- Benchtop Tools

Photoblock Posters, Desktop Brochure and Leaflets, applied specimen stone samples and other tools to demonstrate the effectiveness of applications

3- Brochure and Marketing Materials

Catalogs and brochures about ELKAY products and application forms, Footed Brochure Stands

4- Other Promotional Materials

Totebag, Pen, Notepad, Pocket notebook, Spatulas and hand tools, Apron, Hat, Vest and similar materials